Blue Mountain Beard Oil

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Blue Mountain Beard Oil by Old Faithful

A professionally blended beard oil using the finest organic, cold-pressed, unrefined oils and high quality essential oils.

Blue Mountain

Up in the mountains the air is lighter. And you can see clearly for miles. When you climb to the peak, your senses are heightened and you can begin to appreciate the world.

Fortunately, you can achieve the same feeling with a bottle of Blue Mountain. A few drops in your hand and you’ll feel the base of Tobacco and Sandalwood mix beautiful with the Cedar and Neroli. And wait for it – you’ll get the kick of the bergamot and black pepper.

Feel more. Climb that damn mountain.

A blend of Camellia seed, Jojoba, Argan and Broccoli seed oil ensures quick absorption and maximum beard nourishment..

Professionally blended in small batches by an artisan aromatherapist.

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