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Wireless Wooden Amplifier

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Wireless Wooden Amplifier by Crafted Sawdust

Here we have a totally wireless, no batteries required speaker / amplifier. It's designed to hold your mobile phone in place and amplify the music that you're playing through your phone. The way it works is very simple; You simply place your phone in the little slot provided, where it will then sit on a small shelf with a hole in the bottom of it. The hole will line up with the speaker on the bottom of your phone and allow the sound to travel through the shell and out of the wooden amplifier.

This is perfect for camping or little garden parties, as it requires no batteries or power cables; all you need is your phone. It's pretty robust, so if you were to drop it, it wouldn't shatter into a million pieces much like many other plastic speakers.

Approximate Size - Height: 14cm   Length: 30cm   Width: 4.5cm

Please Note: This design will only work for phones that have their speaker on the bottom right hand corner. If your mobile phone's speaker isn't located at the bottom right hand corner of the device, please contact The Creatives Corner Team and we'll see if we can work out another design that will make this suitable for your device.

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