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Hand Poured Candle 'Apple Strudel & Spice'

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'Apple Strudel & Spice' Hand Poured Candle by Anna Palamar Designs

Experience a luxury scented 'Apple Strudel & Spice' home-made candle: a sweet blend of apple, vanilla and warm spices combine in this classic gourmet fragrance.

Hand Poured in small batches in our Cardiff studio, each of our fragrances will enhance your living space with a soothing aroma. Each candle is individually painted by hand and wrapped in screen-printed designer fabric, making it a unique gift for your loved ones.

Burn Time - Up to 50 hours

Materials - Essential oil, professional-grade blend of highly refined paraffin wax

Weight - 320g

Size - Length: 62mm   Width: 62mm   Height: 88mm

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